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Liver Health: 14 Foods That Are Good and Worst for Your Liver

Fiber rich foods can improve the performance of your liver. A best way to get your day started? Oatmeal is a best way to start your each day. It can help you lose weight and keep your liver healthy, according to research.

Fatty Foods Must Be Avoided

Fatty Foods Bad for Liver

To keep your liver healthy, you should avoid eating burgers and french fries. Consuming too much saturated fat can make your liver work harder. It can lead to inflammation that could eventually cause scarring and cirrhosis. Next time you pass the drive-thru, consider ordering a healthier option.


Broccoli – Good for Liver

If you want your liver to stay healthy, you should eat lots of vegetables. Broccoli is a good example of this strategy. Research suggests that this crunchy food may help you avoid nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Steamed broccoli can sound a bit bland. Instead, make a slaw with it and add sliced almonds, dried cherries, and a vinaigrette. You can also roast it with garlic and balsamic vinegar.


Coffee – Stop Liver Cancer

It may be the only thing you need to get through the day. Research shows that drinking 2 to 3 cups per day can help protect your liver against damage from alcohol and unhealthy eating habits. It may also lower your risk for developing liver cancer, according to some research.

Sugar is Easy to Get Rid of

Sugar is Easy to Get Rid of

Your liver can be damaged by too much sweetener. It’s part of the liver’s job to convert sugar into oil. Your liver can make too much fat, and it will end up storing it somewhere it shouldn’t be. You could end up with fatty liver disease. Do your liver a favor, and enjoy sweet treats occasionally.

Green Tea

Green Tea – Very Good for Your Liver

It is rich in a type antioxidant called catechins. It may help protect against certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer. If you make your own tea and brew it yourself, you’ll get more catechins. You will find lower levels in iced tea and ready to drink green teas.


Water – Best Things for Your Liver

A healthy weight is one of the best things for your liver. Drink water, not sweetened drinks such as sodas and sports drinks. It will amaze you at the number of calories that it can save each day.


Almonds – Healthy Food For Your Liver

These nuts, especially almonds, are rich in vitamin E. Research suggests that this nutrient may be beneficial for fatty liver disease prevention. Almonds are great for your heart. So grab some almonds the next time that you feel like snacking. You can also add them to salad greens for a nice crunch.

Salt Should be Kept Under Control

Salt Should be Kept Under Control

Salt is essential for your body, but not as much as you might think. Research suggests that a high-sodium diet may cause fibrosis (the first stage of liver scarring). There are several things you can do that will help reduce your sodium intake. Avoid processed(filtered) meats like deli meats and bacon. Fresh vegetables are better than canned. Keep temptation at bay by removing your salt shaker from the table.


Spinach for Liver Function Well

Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant found in leafy greens, can help your liver function well. It’s easy to make spinach. It’s great as a base for a salad or can be sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Sprinkle some fresh parmesan on top of the wilted spinach.


Blueberries – Best Fruit Which Good for Liver

These fruits contain polyphenols, nutrients that can help you protect yourself against nonalcoholicfatty liver disease. This is a condition that often comes along with high cholesterol and obesity. Other foods high in polyphenols are dark chocolate, olives and plums.

Alcohol Consumption Should be Moderate

Alcohol Consumption Should be Moderate

Too much alcohol can cause liver damage. It can eventually lead to cirrhosis. It can also be dangerous to binge drink occasionally — four for women, five for men — If you are a woman, limit your intake to one or two drinks per day.

Spices and Herbs

Spices and Herbs

You want to protect your liver AND your heart simultaneously? Add some rosemary, sage or oregano to your salad. They are a good source for healthy polyphenols. They can also help reduce salt in many recipes. You should also try cinnamon, curry powder, cumin, and other spices.

Limit Packaged Snacks

Limit Packaged Snacks

If you feel the urge to reach for the vending machine’s buttons, grab a healthy snack. Chips and baked goods are often loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. With a little planning, cutting back on sugar and salt is an easy way to improve your diet. A good tip is to bring a bag of healthy snacks along with you to work. You can pair an apple with a small packet of nut butter or sugar Snap peas with a tiny cup of hummus.

Palak Patel
Palak Patel
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