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Cataract Surgery Cost in NYC | Cataract Operation New York

A cataract is an eye disease where the clear lens of the eye make your eye cloudy or opaque which results into blurred vision. The natural lens of the eye focuses light into our retina; therefore we can view all the images and elements clearly and without distortion. But the clouding of this lens during cataract formation causes deformation of vision. Cataracts are usually a very gradual process of normal aging but in most of cases it develops very rapidly. They normally affect both eyes, but it is possible that it influence one eye faster than other. Find here we have shared minimum and maximum cataract Cost in NYC.

Cataract Causes

Cataracts appear to be caused by changes in the protein structures within the natural lens that occur with increasing age. In rare cases, cataracts can be present in new born baby or in early childhood as a result of hereditary enzyme defects, other genetic disease/gene-transmitted disease, or systemic congenital infections. Other reasons which lead to development of cataracts at an younger age include – excessive ultraviolet light exposure, exposure to ionizing radiation, smoking, diabetes, or the use of certain medication treatments, such as topical, oral, or inhaled steroids. In most of the cases, severe trauma to the eye surgery, eye, or intraocular inflammation can also cause cataracts.

About Cataract Surgery

An ophthalmologist tries to learn about the medical history of the patient and perform a brief physical examination before surgery. Information about routine medications should be given to the doctor prior to surgery. Before surgery, several calculations and tests are made to determine the appropriate power of intraocular lens to implant. A specific artificial lens is chosen based on the specifications of the eye. Some people who have been nearsighted all of their life, need not wear glasses for reading and should wear distance glasses after cataract surgery. All the preoperative instructions, which will usually include not eating or drinking anything after midnight the day prior to your surgery should be followed. Appropriate arrangements should be made with family or friends to transport the patient home after the surgery is complete.

Cataract surgery does not involve a any amount of pain. Treatments procedures are used to minimize the amount of discomfort after cataract surgery. The Cataract Surgery will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes. You may notice the sensation of pressure from the different instruments used during the cataract surgical procedure. After cataract eye surgery, you will be brought to a recovery room where your eye surgeon will prescribe several eye drops medicine that you will need to take for a few weeks post cataract surgery. Most eye patients do not experience any pain following cataract surgery, but if you do experience decreasing vision or significant pain, you should immediately contact your eye surgeon/ophthalmologist.

Cataract Cost in New York

Cataract Cost in NYC

The cost of cataract eye surgery in New York ranges from $1,200 – $3000. The cost varies from clinic to clinic and the type of cataract eye procedure chosen. Cataract surgery average cost is $1,792 by top eye surgeons from New York, NY
With the advancement in technology, there are methods where the Cataract Surgery is done without incision. The Cataract Surgery is now done with the help of computer-guided femtosecond laser which dissolves the cataract. This evolution of the cataract eye surgery eliminates human body problems and is faster than conventional ones. Optical coherence tomography is the machine used during surgery in which a detailed 3- D image of the eye is created. This image helps to customize and precise surgery. The femtosecond laser cuts the cataract tissue with precision. As the surgery is technical and upgraded, the cost is almost double the conventional surgery and costs nearly $3,000 to $3,700 depending on where the surgery is performed.

Cataract eye surgery performed at top eye specialist in NYC will be safe and successful. The cost involved in the Cataract Surgery is also reasonable.

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