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12 Most Common Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

With almost 18 million plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States each year, this is a growing trend. Cosmetic surgery is not just for women. The boom in cosmetic surgery is also being driven by men. These are the top 10 most popular plastic surgery procedures.

The 12 Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Plastic surgery

For medical reasons, cosmetic plastic surgery can also be used, for example, for those who have been in an accident, to restore function or scar tissue from surgery.

There are many options for plastic surgery. Here’s a list of the most popular:

1. Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases or changes the size of breasts. The procedure is also known as breast implant surgery when the breast size is increased. Breast augmentation does not include breast reduction or breast lifts. These are two different procedures.

2. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a technique that gently sands the skin’s top layer. After the skin’s top layer has been removed, it heals and new skin is created. You will notice a smoother complexion.

  • Age spots
  • Skin growths and lesions
  • Crow’s feet
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun-damaged skin

3. Hair Transplantation

The procedure of hair transplantation, also called hair restoration, can improve the appearance and texture of baldness. This procedure involves moving hair from an area with thick growth to one that is bald.

More than 1,000 hairs can be moved in one session. Some people may need more than one session. Permanent hair transplants are not required for long-term care. Most hair transplants are successful and result in hair growth.

4. Rhinoplasty

Most common types of cosmetic surgery Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that changes or repairs the nose. Rhinoplasty can be performed for cosmetic reasons. Some people choose rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, while others may need to breathe more easily or have birth defects.

Rhinoplasty can also be used for:

  • After an injury, correct problems
  • You can increase or decrease the nose’s size
  • Improve or relieve breathing problems
  • Correct birth defects
  • Modify the shape of your bridge
  • Reduce the size of your nostrils
  • Adjust the angle of your nose

5. Lip Augmentation

The goal of lip augmentation is to make the lips look fuller. Injectable dermal fillers can be used to augment the volume, shape or structure of lips.

Lip augmentation is temporary. The results last for approximately 6 months, then a second procedure to restore volume and shape is required.

6. Liposuction

Liposuction can be used to improve the appearance of your body by removing excess fat. This is not a weight loss procedure.

Localized fat deposits can be removed by vacuum-suction. This is a pen-shaped instrument. To break down fat deposits before suction, ultrasound can also be used.

You can have liposuction done on your arms, stomach, stomach, back, buttocks and face. Liposuction can be used to remove fat tumors (lipomas), as well as reduce breast size in men. You can use this procedure on multiple areas in one day.

7. Tummy Tuck

most common types of cosmetic surgeryAbdominoplasty, more commonly known as a ‘tummy tuck’, is used to improve the shape of the abdomen. Tummy tucks are used to remove excess fat and skin, and strengthen or separate muscles in the abdomen. Tummy tucks may improve the appearance stretch marks by reducing loose skin.

The tummy tuck should not be considered a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. Although the results of a stomach tuck are permanent and can be maintained, it is important to keep your weight in check.

8. Blepharoplasty

The procedure can be performed for cosmetic reasons, or to improve vision in patients whose eyelids are obstructive. Sagging or too much skin can affect vision and make it look older.

For a more youthful look, lower eyelids that are prone to chronic puffiness and wrinkles can be reduced. Lower lid procedures are used to remove fat pads that can cause “bags” under the eyes.

Most people can go outside in 10-14 days. The swelling will disappear for several weeks or months.

9. Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is one of few procedures that insurance covers. The benefits are more than just a better appearance. Many women with large or very heavy breasts have trouble finding clothes that fit, and suffer from poor posture and chronic back pain.

The ideal outcome is to have your breasts reduced in size and weight. This will help you with posture and back pain. Patients who have disproportionate breasts can expect to return to work in two weeks.

10. Rhytidectomy

Rhytidectomy (or facelift) is a procedure that addresses the signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. Facelifts tighten the skin to look younger by smoothing wrinkles and minimizing sagging.

To enhance the patient’s youthful appearance, a facelift can often be combined with other procedures, such as a forehead lift, eyelid shaping, or skin peels. The stitches are usually removed within five to ten days, but the recovery process can take several weeks.

11. Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is surgery to reduce excess male breast tissue. It is permanent for most men as long as it is not due to genetics. The majority of men do not require treatment 14.

12. Facelift

Facelifts correct sagging, loose, drooping or wrinkled skin. This procedure involves lifting facial tissues, removing excess skin, and repositioning skin to replace the lost contours. Commonly, neck lifts are done in conjunction with facelifts.

Facelifts are not the only procedure that can be done.

Some men notice a rise in breast size after taking steroids or marijuana regularly. These men will experience an increase in breast size if they continue to use the drug that caused it. Men who realize that drugs are causing their gynecomastia should stop using the drug before the surgery. Otherwise, the outcome could not be ideal.

Most surgeons make incisions around the nipple lines so that the scarring is barely noticeable to casual observers. This allows patients to wear their clothes after they have recovered. The majority of men can return to work in a week, while women are able return to their normal activities within weeks.

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